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LANDLORD S FIVE DAY NOTICE Caution: Consult with a Lawyer before using or acting under this form. To: ; you are hereby notified that there is now due to the undersigned landlord the sum of $, being
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At all times, you and each member of your household are responsible for complying with all laws governing this notice. Failure to make the payment of rent shall constitute grounds for termination of tenancy. Failure to return the premises to the landlord may, in addition to this notice, in default of proper action, constitute grounds for eviction. If the premises are vacated by you within five days from the time of this notice, and you shall fail promptly to pay the rent due hereunder, your tenancy may be terminated by written notice to the landlord in writing delivered by certified or registered mail at your last known address or by serving the landlord with a written notice upon you by person in lawful possession of the premises, who is in possession at the time and places of service. Failure to pay the rent herein due when due shall be a forfeiture of any claim for abatement of rent paid under this agreement. Any rent paid late after notice of termination shall constitute a forfeiture of any claim for abatement of the late charge. In the event your tenancy is terminated for failure to pay rent, and you shall subsequently engage in any conduct that results in a violation of federal income tax laws, or the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, you irrevocably waive any claims for abatement of rent under this agreement. The property described in this notice is the property of the landlord. RAW Paste Data Notice of Claim by Tenant to Determine Amount of Rent; (i) you, the tenant, have filed the above claim following your failure to pay the above rent, which the landlord claimed to be due and payable on September 22, 2015. (ii) you, the tenant, are not in violation of federal income tax laws, and the landlord is not in Violation of federal Tax Law, and the landlord is not required to collect and report such federal and state income tax liabilities. (iii) the landlord has paid the rent due and payable under this notice, and (iv) you, the tenant, are not in violation of federal or state tax laws, and all tax and governmental reporting obligations imposed upon the tenant by a municipality.

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The most common type of notice is a landlord's 5-day notice and this is given to tenants when they haven't paid their rent the notice says basically that you're behind on your rent, and you have one two three four five days to pay the rent to the landlord if you fail to do so then the landlord will terminate the tenancy and then have the right to file his eviction lawsuit against you, so there's a couple of things there one you have the absolute right to pay within those five days your landlord must accept payment number two after the five days expire if you don't pay then there's no way to force the landlord to accept the money later and stay you can only negotiate or essentially beg the landlord to let you stay with the payment of new money second is a lot of times landlords file to sue the notice gives you five full days to pay so many times landlords file on the fifth day or the fourth day or something like that, so its juicy ground for defenses and options for a tenant and despite the fact that it's so clear landlords make this mistake all the time so remember if you're facing eviction the landlord's 5-day notice has to be good a lot of times they make mistakes so don't feel it's over you may be able to use that to help yourself in the eviction thank you


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